Gas Prices Likely To Continue To Increase Then Calm Down After Memorial Day

Locator map of the Harrisburg metro area in th...

Locator map of the Harrisburg metro area in the south central part of the of . Red denotes the Harrisburg-Carlisle Metropolitan Statistical Area, and yellow denotes the Lebanon Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is included in the Harrisburg-Carlisle-Lebanon CSA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The lowest price for gas in the area continues to be $3.29 a gallon, according to

That price is available at Kwik Fill, Sheetz and Giant in the Mechanicsburg area; Hess stations in the Carlisle area; Costco in Lower Paxton Township; B.J.’s in Camp Hill and Sunoco and Kwik Way in the Carlisle area.

The Harrisburg area average price today is $3.40 a gallon, 1 cent higher than yesterday, 7 cents lower than a month ago and 23 cents lower than a year ago.

The state average price is $3.46 and the national average is $3.59.

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Will Gas Pump Prices Keep Rising?

Prices at the pump have been inching higher all month, but don’t expect the trend to continue, according to AAA.

The summer driving season spikes demand and tends to push prices higher, and the recent rise may have been partly fueled by concerns about a possible confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program, according to the drivers’ association.

The outlook, though, is for prices to stay level through Labor Day.

At the end of June, a gallon of regular averaged 3.40 a gallon in the five-county Philadelphia area.

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Gas Prices Predicted To Hit $3.00 A Gallon By Summer

The benefit of economic recovery is increased gasoline prices.  We should expect to see gas hit $3.00 a gallon or higher by the summer.  Pennsylvania has a .31 cents a gallon gas tax.  We could actually see prices top $3.00 a gallon. 

Any complicating factors like oil production being disrupted by hurricanes or unrest in the Middle East could cause prices to increase further.

This information is according to the US Energy Information Administration.  The EIA was created by the Congress in 1977 and is the statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy.  The EIA is the nation’s premier source of unbiased energy data, analysis and forecasting.

FYI… AccuWeather is predicting an above average hurricane season for 2010 with 2-3 major strikes to the US coastline.  Hurricane season begins June 1st and lasts through November 30th.