Pennsylvania Sets Tone For New Era Of Civility

SVG of Pennsylvania state seal

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I am and have always been proud to be a Pennsylvanian.  When I read about things like this it makes me even more proud to be from this great state!

Our two U.S. Senators, Bob Casey, Jr. (D) and Pat Toomey (R) will sit together during the State of the Union address on Tuesday.  This is significant because both parties normally segregate themselves, on opposite sides of the room.

In light of the tragedy in Tucson and the very uncivil political climate in our country, I am pleased that our U.S. Senators will be showing the rest of America that Pennsylvania leads the pack when it comes to bipartisan cooperation!

Obama’s Stats For Last Night’s State Of The Union Address

This is an interesting little factoid I found on the internet today.

Here are some numbers for last night’s shows on Fox:

American Idol – 24.75 million viewers

Obama – 9.74 million viewers

Fox had the highest number of viewers watch the State Of The Union Address of any network.  Pales to Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas being guest judges on American Idol.  Seems like Mr. President should ask Simon Fuller how to get better numbers.

Just sayin’….