In Copenhagen, Noma Restaurant Offers Food For Thought

Few consider the faith of the food writer. And this is probably a good thing. I won’t say that to worship food and drink is to pray to a false god. But even with all the high-minded talk of farm-to-table or Slow Food movements, of molecular gastronomy or urban gardening, of locavorism or fruitarianism or whatever-the-latest-ism, in my experience it rarely leads one down the shining path of enlightenment.

Or at least that’s what I believed until this past spring, when I spent one of the most glorious weeks of my life eating my way through Copenhagen, capped off by a 25-course, five-hour lunch at Noma, considered by many to be the best — and most thought-provoking — restaurant in the world.

“Some people see going to Noma as a religious experience,” said Michael Bom Frøst, a food scientist and director of the nonprofit Nordic Food Lab, which was established by Noma’s owners. This was several days before my own meal at Noma, and we stood in the lab’s shiny test kitchen, inside a houseboat moored across the canal from Noma. The brilliant Nordic sun shone in the bluest Nordic sky as we ate a pink ice cream made from seaweed and looked across the cold water toward Copenhagen’s center.

Copenhagen has become the epicenter of the “new Nordic” cuisine, which has supplanted Spain’s formerly avant-garde molecular gastronomy as the latest, buzzy Big Idea in international cuisine.

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Dismembered Body Of An American Woman Found In Spain

Localización del río Guadalquivir respecto de ...

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This post is not for the squeamish.  A 49-year-old American women and long-time resident of the Spanish city of Seville was found chopped to pieces in the Guadalquivir River.  Her body parts were in a bag and a suitcase.

A 30-year-old Spanish man has been arrested in connection with the gruesome find.  Blood stains were found in his home.  No known motive or connection between the two has yet been established.  The suspect was facing a court summons for a previous offense at the time of his arrest. 

Police have not released the name of the victim or alleged murdered.