Research On Vaping Starts To Clear Smoke On Possible Health Effects

Chelsey Bowles said she doesn’t stink anymore.

“Not smelling like an ashtray is nice, definitely,” the Hanover resident said.

Bowles said she no longer coughs in the mornings, her taste buds are back, she can smell again, and walking up stairs is no big deal.

That’s the difference, she said, between smoking cigarettes and vaping.

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Pennsylvania’s Smoking Ban Turns Two Saturday

Lit cigarette

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It has been two years since Pennsylvania banned smoking in public places.  The Clean Indoor Air Act is enforced by the Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The number of citations and warning letters has dropped statewide at eating and drinking establishments, during the first six months of 2010, per PA State Police Captain Thomas Butler.

Based on a survey in the Harrisburg area, it appears this ban has had little impact on the restaurant and bar business nor has the ban caused many people to quit smoking.  Some business owners were initially worried that the ban might negatively impact sales.  However, this has not appeared to be the case according the business owners surveyed.