Crucial Pottstown School Board Election Tuesday, November 8th

Friends of Pottstown Education is a team of Pottstown residents seeking election to the Pottstown School Board.  We recognize that public education is only successful when schools, parents, teachers and the community work together.

Our philosophy is simple – you don’t dictate.  You listen, evaluate and then make a decision.  With your support of our campaign, together we can help ensure the Pottstown School Board is making children their first priority.

We can make sure that good teachers are fairly paid and poor teachers are replaced.

We can demand that our schools are safe for teachers and children.

We can insist that schools have the tools needed to give children their best.

We need people on the Pottstown School Board who understand education and governing.

We must make sure that the taxpayers, parents and children of Pottstown continue to have a strong voice.

On November 8th, vote Mary-Beth Lydon, Andrew Kefer and Judyth Zahora for Pottstown School Board

Roy’s Rants endorses the Friends of Pottstown Public Education block of candidates.  We urge you to vote on Tuesday!  Let your voice be heard!