Time To Top 20 Percent Turnout In Tuesday’s Election

Map of Pennsylvania

Map of Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something perplexing happens in municipal elections like the one coming up Tuesday.

The public officials being elected have the most direct impact on people’s lives.

Yet turnout of registered voters – usually less than 20 percent – is the lowest in the four-year election cycle.

These officials make sure roads are plowed in winter and grass in parks is mowed in summer. They hire contractors for road repairs. They oversee police. They pass zoning laws that dictate where housing developments should go and where businesses should be built, which can impact land values.

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Owen J. Roberts School Board Behavior Is Appalling

Board members having shouting matches at meetings.  Huge negative stories appearing in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  WTF is going on across the river??  This situation is out of control.   This situation is damaging the reputation of an otherwise fine school district who had a competent Superintendent that was fired because somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Wondering how long this will be allowed to go on before Harrisburg steps in.  At this rate…..it could be sooner than later!