SavePottstown! Has “Reactivated” Due To The Deteriorating State Of Pottstown

Editor’s note:  They’re back and looking for hard facts about the increasing corruption of local government, in an effort to expose the seamy underbelly of Pottstown politics.  Looks like that den of “vipers” in Pottstown Borough Hall is about to meet their mongoose!  Bwahahahahaha!

What Stinks?

POTTSTOWN, PA – Hello folks…is this thing working?

After receiving countless correspondence from our loyal readers and shedding many tears over the injustices that have become far too commonplace in our fair town over the past year, we have decided to rev up the SavePottstown!! engines in order to be the change we want to see in Pottstown.

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SavePottstown! Goes On Semi-Permanent Hiatus

I was totally taken off guard!  But on the other hand, as one who also has a blog, I can say the time committment is HUGE.  SavePottstown! feels they have successfully completed the goals they set for themselves when they created the website.  They will post from time to time, but not regularly.

I say well done good and faithful servant(s).  I will shed a cyber tear and miss your comradery very much.  I have enjoyed fighting the good fight to save Pottstown as an ally.

Roy’s Rants salutes SavePottstown! and thanks them for their time, hard work and incredible effort in the struggle to make Pottstown all it can be.