Berks County Commissioners Approve Budget

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Berks County property taxes will increase by 6.3 percent to 7.372 mills under the $463.6 million 2013 budget the commissioners adopted today in a 2-1 vote.

That amounts to $43.70 annually for a property assessed at $100,000.

The tax hike, which is expected to raise about $7.7 million, is the first in eight years.

Commissioner Mark C. Scott voted against the spending plan.

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Harrisburg Mayor And City Council At War Over Budget

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Controversial Harrisburg Mayor, Linda Thompson, is refusing to sign Harrisburg City Council’s proposed 2011 budget.  Mayor Thompson thinks the proposed $56 million dollar budget is deeply flawed because it underfunds the police and fire budgets.

According to Thompson, she found $4 million dollars worth of errors in the budget and she asserts this budget does not even provide for sufficient fuel to power the city’s emergency vehicles.  Thompson was quoted as comparing the proposed budget to throwing spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks.

Mayor Thompson can veto the budget, use as line-item veto or let it pass but refuse to sign.  She has until Tuesday to make a decision.

Harrisburg was accepted into the Act 47 program in December, thereby officially making our state capital a financially distressed municipality.