Times Leader Readership Sees Largest Annual Increase In State

The Times Leader has the second highest percentage growth rate in the nation — and highest in the state — for its total online and print audience, according to figures tracked by a newspaper auditing group.

The Times Leader ranked second among U.S. newspapers of any size participating in the most recently released report issued by the Alliance for Audited Media.  The company used total online and print reader numbers available at the end of March to create its rankings of the top 25 papers.

The Times Leader’s audience of 219,656 was up 19.4 percent from the year prior figure of 184,037.

Read more: http://www.timesleader.com/news/local-news/747370/Times-Leader-readership-sees-largest-annual-increase-in-state

Record Setting Month Here At Roy’s Rants

June was a record-setting month and since you all are responsible I figured it was only fair to share the good news and say thanks much!

Records set in June were:

New daily high (views): 611

New monthly high (views): 6,556

New daily average high (views): 219

Eight of the past nine months have had increased views.

During the first six months of 2011 the total number of views have surpassed all of 2010!  We are on track to double the number of views over last year.  That would be fantastic!

Many thanks to all our readers, new and old.  Your support is invaluable.  Come back often and tell your friends about Roy’s Rants.  Your source of news and information with no-nonsense!