‘Devastating For Our Industry’: Pig Virus Affects Local Farmers, Market Prices, Grange Fair

Counties constituting the Happy Valley Region ...

Counties constituting the Happy Valley Region of Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Charlie Hall sells pigs, customers never set foot on his Unionville-area farm.

“We actually meet them half a mile away and transfer the pigs directly from one trailer to another,” Hall said.

The threat of a growing pig disease has local farmers embracing biosecurity measures to protect their farms and livelihoods.

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PEDv, is pushing up pork prices and prompting action on the national level.

Beef Prices Reach Highest Level Since 1987

English: Australian Brangus steer

English: Australian Brangus steer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) – The highest beef prices in almost three decades have arrived just before the start of grilling season, causing sticker shock for both consumers and restaurant owners – and relief isn’t likely anytime soon.

A dwindling number of cattle and growing export demand from countries such as China and Japan have caused the average retail cost of fresh beef to climb to $5.28 a pound in February, up almost a quarter from January and the highest price since 1987.

Everything that’s produced is being consumed, said Kevin Good, an analyst at CattleFax, a Colorado-based information group. And prices likely will stay high for a couple of years as cattle producers start to rebuild their herds amid big questions about whether the Southwest and parts of the Midwest will see enough rain to replenish pastures.

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Ala’s German Restaurant In Pottstown

I ate at Ala’s German Restaurant on North Charlotte Street in Pottstown this evening for the first time.  It was so good I wanted to help get the word out about this authentic German restaurant. There is nothing like Ala’s any where in the Tri-County area, that I am aware of.  Our waitress was from Germany and I gathered all of most of the staff is from Germany.

The menu is fairly extensive and they do have other items besides German cuisine.  There is a kids menu; sandwiches, soups and salads for lighter fare and even German Pizza 🙂

I ordered bratwurst which comes with sauerkraut and buttered potatoes.  Our server asked if I wanted the potatoes or another side so I substituted spaetzle.  I received two perfectly grilled brats along with generous portions of sauerkraut and spaetzle.  Our server asked if I wanted any sauce on the spaetzle and I opted for a mushroom sauce.  All this for $10.99!

My girlfriend ordered Zitronen Schnitzel.  Zitronen Schnitzel has a light lemon sauce over it.  You can have your choice of pork or chicken schnitzel.  Pork is the traditional meat in Germany so she had pork. Shortly after we placed our order you could hear the chef pounding the pork so apparently it’s made to order.  She also had a side of spaetzle.  This was $11.99. She could not finish all her spaetzle.

Since I made a happy plate, I had to try a dessert crepe.  The crepe was made to order and I opted for ice cream and chocolate sauce.  It was delicious as well.  The crepe was $5.99.

The service was good, the place is clean and the food is amazing.  We are certainly going back, sooner than later, to try more items on the menu.

If this sounds like something you would be interested, please help support this local business.

The restaurant is located at:  1483 N. Charlotte St,. Pottstown, PA 19464.

Their phone number is 610-705-8881.

Website:  http://www.alasrestaurant.com/index.html  (The menu is on the website)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alas-German-Restaurant/168689303316083

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