Montco Town Hopes Carousel And Train Will Revive Economy

Picture 040The wooden animals, sanded and painted to resemble the 109-year-old originals they replaced, are waiting for visitors at the end of a restored railroad line in Pottstown.

The horses, giraffes, and reindeer on the Derek Scott Saylor Memorial Carousel are part of a merry-go-round meant to be more than an amusement.

The attraction – and the similarly restored old train that will drop visitors at its doorstep – are the centerpieces of a downtown revitalization effort for a slumping Montgomery County borough taking steps toward a comeback.

The carousel and train are scheduled to officially begin operations next fall.


Castor Praises Pottstown Carousel Project, Plans

Picture 011POTTSTOWN — Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr. recently visited the Carousel at Pottstown and he likes what he sees.

Castor was given a tour of the former Pottstown Metal Weld building across from Memorial Park and had the particulars of the historic wooden carousel laid out for him.

Days later, Castor expressed his enthusiasm for the project to his fellow commissioners.

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The Carousel At Pottstown

Part of the Carousel of Flavor events yesterday was a walking tour down to the carousel building to see the recent addition and to check out the carousel itself. About a dozen people took advantage of the opportunity.
The pictures give you an idea of the scope of this project.  The building seemed much larger inside than it appears from the outside.  The carousel is disassembled and you can see the different components lying around in groups.  It was nice to see the different animals, the side panels, the music maker etc…
I am looking forward to the day when the carousel is operational!  The gentleman who was talking to us said they need to raise another million dollars to do the next phase.
You can visit The Carousel at Pottstown’s website to learn more.Picture 026Picture 025





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