Renovo Citizens Criticize Police, Seek Answers

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Clinton County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Clinton County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RENOVO, PA – The Renovo Police Department came under fire at this week’s borough council meeting, with citizens charging that there’s a lack of accountability and job performance among officers.

The Wednesday night session became a sounding board for a group of about 20 mostly long-term Renovo residents who believe the department is not doing its job properly, and council is not providing sufficient oversight.

The complaints also come just months after South Renovo Borough dropped shared police coverage by the Renovo officers, saying they didn’t believe the neighboring borough just across the West Branch of the Susquehanna River was getting its money’s worth.

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Questions Of Unethical, Sexual Conduct By Pottstown Police Chief/Interim Borough Manager Mark Flanders

Editor’s Note:   The Goldencockroach has opened Pandora’s box, also known as Pottstown politics, and all kinds of noxious gases are escaping into the atmosphere.   Getting to the bottom of the shenanigans going on in Pottstown Borough Hall is like peeling a rotten onion. Each layer is more putrid that the previous one.

The governing process utilized by borough leadership is mushroom management.  Keep the taxpayers in the dark and buried in dung.  There is plenty of dung to go around.  

The elected leadership of Pottstown evidently has a fondness for the feudal system.  The taxpayers aka “serfs” are treated as a nonentity and taxed to death.  The leadership aka the “landed gentry” recklessly spend tax dollars like there is no tomorrow.  

Speaking of reckless spending, evidently we wasted money on a supposed national search for a new borough manager only to have the job handed to Mark Flanders.  So you people are telling us there no one person in the United States of America who is more qualified to run Pottstown than the Chief of Police?????  Has anybody noticed the crime rate in Pottstown???? Evidently we reward poor performance with a promotion and a hefty raise.  Are there even metrics in place in borough hall to evaluate employees or do we just give raises and promotions to our friends?  Knod, knod, wink, wink…

An outside agency, not connected to anyone in Pottstown, nor intimidated by anyone in Pottstown, needs to do a thorough audit of Pottstown Borough Council and Pottstown Borough Hall.  We think the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should involve itself in an official capacity. If not Act 47 then the establishment of an oversight committee to ensure borough government becomes more transparent, review the overinflated budget and come up with a more realistic number for a borough of 22,377 inhabitants.

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