The Economy Is Still Bad

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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had 592,000 people unemployed in the month of July.  7000, mostly “census jobs”, were lost which contributed to the decline.  The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 9.3% for July 2010, which is a full point higher than July 2009.  Yes, things are just getting better all the time.  The national unemployement rate is 9.5%.

Party Gate Has A Fall Gal

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has taken the fall for the “party-gate” scandal that rocked the White House last year when two fame-whores crashed a State Dinner and embarrassed Barry and Michelle.

Supposedly Desiree is leaving because she accomplished her goal of making the White House “the people’s house” and is going back to doing what she loves…working in the corporate world. 

O really?  And pigs fly.

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize ????

So everbody is scratching their heads over this one.  I have read a good deal of  commentary thus far but like this article in the New York Post best. 

File this under things that make you go hmmmmmm….what where these people thinking!!!!  It appears to be the same group that voted Norway is swell and better than the USA!  I say go chew some whale blubber and shut it!

Kanye Is Still An ASS!

Still on Team Taylor!  Apology or not!

This just in President Obama was caught on tape calling Kanye a JACKASS in an off-the-record CNBC segment.  HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Check out the audio on Perez Hilton – hysterical!

Another update… 50 Cent is now on Team Taylor!!!!  LOVE IT!

Obama’s latest health care idea

So let’s fine people who can’t afford health insurance and can’t get it through their work $3800.00 a year. WTF is up with that stupid idea! Basically that amounts to $300+ dollars a month! If people can’t afford $300 a month for health insurance already, how could they afford the fine??

Maybe we can increase the homeless population with ideas like this!