Why I Voted No For A 3.1% Tax Increase For Pottstown Borough! By Sixth Ward Councilor Jody Rhoads

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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Councilor Rhoads cast the only NO vote at last night’s Pottstown Borough Council meeting for a 3.1% tax increase.  Councilor Rhoads had previously stated he would not vote for any tax increase for Pottstown. 

Evan Brandt and I were handed a list of reasons why Councilor Rhoads chose to cast a NO vote.  Here is the complete list of why Jody voted NO:

Ask the person who just lost his job.

Ask the person who can’t find work.

Ask the person who had his pay cut.

Ask the person who had his hours cut.

Ask the person who is on a fixed income.

Ask the person who cannot pay his bills.

Ask the person who lost his house to Sheriff Sale.

Ask the person who lost his health insurance.

Ask the person who is in financial trouble due to severe health issues.

Ask the person who is just plain struggling.


Councilor Rhoads is a friend of the working class citizen.  He is not a politician.  He fights for the rights of all Pottstown residents.  That is the platform he campaigned on and that is what he has done while in office.  Fight when you’re right.