Eagles Lose Seventh Straight Game

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles' coach, after t...

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles’ coach, after the Eagles’ training camp in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Philadelphia Eagles have now fallen to 3-8 after being dominated by the Carolina Panthers at home.  You could hear booing when the clock ran out.  The final score was 30-22.

The Panthers outscored the Eagles in the first and fourth quarters.  The Eagles only outscored the Panthers in the second quarter.  Both teams scored 7 points in the 3rd quarter.

I am sure Andy Reid will take “full responsibility” for another loss.


Craptastic Eagles Host Carolina Pathers On Monday Night Football

Eagles Brace For Hostile Home Crowd (be afraid, be very afraid)…

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles' coach, after t...

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles’ coach, after the Eagles’ training camp in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MONDAY NIGHT Football.” A six-game losing streak. The Andy Reid era sputtering to a ragged close, with Jon Gruden right there in the broadcast booth, analyzing the proceedings.  In the 2-8 Carolina Panthers, an opponent that provides the potential for what would have to be the worst Eagles loss in a season defined by them.

People around the team are worried about an ugly scene at Lincoln Financial Field.

“It might be a little hostile,” said tight end Brent Celek, who is as much a part of the community as anyone on the team.  “The fans, they could be rowdy, which we’re all fine with.  We’ve got to be ready for it . . . Most important, we’ve just got to worry about our own job, what we’re doing, and everything else should take care of itself.”

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Philadelphia Eagles Schedule Loaded With Prime-Time Features

Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles owner, afte...

Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles owner, after the Eagles' training camp, Aug. 3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note:  Let’s hope we actually have a reason to watch all this hoopla.  Winning needs to be the focus this season!   No more excuses, Andy!

Two Sunday night games, two Monday night games, a Thursday night telecast and a multitude of stars coming to Philadelphia highlight the Eagles‘ 2012 schedule, which was released Tuesday by the NFL.

They’ll open their season Sept. 9 at Cleveland and close it on Dec. 30 at MetLife Stadium against the New York Giants.

In between, they’ll host the Giants on a Sunday night (Sept. 30), visit New Orleans on a Monday night (Nov. 5), host Carolina on a Monday night (Nov. 26) and will host the Dallas Cowboys on a Sunday night (Dec. 2).

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McNabb Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract, Then Promptly Gets A Spankin’ From The Eagles

What a charmed life Chunky Soup McNabb leads.  His career with the Eagles was impressive in some respects but McNabb could never follow through for a Super Bowl victory.  So after more than a decade as Number 5, he got traded to the Washington Redskins.

During Donovan’s first year with the Redskins he is again mired in controversy and got benched by the team’s coach Mike Shanahan because he can’t grasp the team’s offense.  Media hype and speculation about what the benching meant ensued.

So yesterday I read that Donovan has just signed a whopping $78.5 million dollar, 5-year contract with the Redskins.  The $78.5 million would be if Donovan gets resigned and he completes all the incentives, however, this is still a huge amount of money for an “on again, off again”, nearly 34-year-old quarterback.  Certainly more faith than I would put in Mr. McNabb based on present and past performances.

As a big thank you to the Redskins owner Dan Snyder, Donovan gets the stuffing beat out of him, at home, before the ink is dry. 

After this huge loss to the Eagles (59-28), the Redskins drop to 4-5 for the season.  Hardly a record that merits a contract of that size IMHO!