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To Stay Open, Hotel Brunswick Must Meet 21 Conditions

2114_57086842791_2010_nIt’s time for the Hotel Brunswick in downtown Lancaster to clean up its act, according to a judge’s order signed this morning.

Lancaster County Judge Jeffery Wright approved a series of agreements between the city and hotel owners that would essentially clean up numerous ongoing issues at 151 N. Queen St.

Wright ordered that 21 specific improvements be made or ownership risks a future court hearing that could shutter the hotel, deemed a “nuisance” last year.

The city and district attorney’s office each filed complaints last year alleging the hotel as a site of drug use, brawls and underage drinking.

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Hotel Brunswick Given Reprieve To Decide On Repairs

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note:  Congrats to the City of Lancaster for being proactive with problem properties!

Owners of the property housing the Hotel Brunswick and an unused annex that the city has condemned have four months to let Lancaster city officials know what they plan to do.

The owners are considering either demolishing the annex, making repairs or making repairs and gutting it for another use, the owners’ attorney, Paula Leicht, said Thursday.

The annex was last used about three years ago to house the Rumba Club. In condemning it July 16, the city said a leaking roof, toilets and other fixtures had led to mold growth and made it unfit for human occupancy.

Leicht told the Housing Code Board of Appeals the owners needed more time to get job bids and decide which option to pursue.

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Amazing Product

I live in an older apartment complex that was built in the 50’s.  Keeping this information in mind, things were not designed as thoughtfully and efficiently as compared to today’s standards.

One of the biggest problems I have is mold and mildew, especially in the bathroom.  I do have a window but in the winter time it’s closed for obvious reasons.  I have tried so many products to eradicate this problem because it’s not healthy and looks nasty.  Usually what happens is as follows: 1. the product messes with the paint.  2. the product requires a horrible about of scrubbing.  3. the product stinks to the high heavens.  4. The mold/mildew on the walls gets lighter but you can still see the stains faintly.  I could go on for ever about this problem.

Last night I was strolling around Wal-Mart and happened to see Arm & Hammer scrub-free bathroom cleaner with bleach.  I thought okay, maybe with the added bleach that would help.  I previously tried their version with Oxy power and that did very little.  But hope springs eternal and I figured for $1.97, what the hell.  Some day I would have the energy to try this.

This morning, the internet was down and I had nothing to do so I figured I would clean the tub and ceramic tile.  After I finished, I looked at the mildew/mold and was inspired to get out the new product and spot test it.  This requires getting out the step stool etc…  because it gets on the ceiling above the shower too.  So I sprayed some on, waited a few seconds and wiped.  WOW!  It came off very easily and didn’t screw up the paint.  I got brave and just sprayed the rest of the affected areas in the bathroom.  I got down off the stool and turned around to wash off my hands.  When I turned back around, the walls were almost WHITE again!  After wiping the walls quickly with a paper towel (and I mean just wipe) the walls are completely clean.  It looks like it did when I moved in!  No trace remains behind.  The paint is perfectly fine.

The whole clean up took 15 minutes maybe.  I was figuring I would be in there for at least a good 45 minutes scrubbing etc… and was hoping for at least improved results.  This is the first time I have had a product totally exceed my expectations.  It did everything it said it would do!  Imagine that!

Just passing this along if anybody else has stubborn mold/mildew problems and hasn’t found anything that works this good and easily!  I am just blown away!