Where There Is Drama, There Is The Pottstown School Board

I read the article in today’s Sunday Mercury about the latest PSD nonsense that is distracting the school board from their primary task of making sure our children receive a proper education.

Wildly hurling racial accusations is quite serious.  From what I know of Michele Pargeon, she does not appear to be a “racist” as she is being labeled by Ms. Harris.  I am sure there is as misunderstanding here. 

As usual, Thomas Hylton is in the fray adding his “two cents” now that he has more time on his hands after being dethroned as Lord God Tree King.

I would hope President Huss takes immediate charge of this situation before it gets TOTALLY out of hand.  At this juncture we appear to be about there with front page headlines in the Mercury.  We just love to stir the pot over at the Mercury!

The school board needs to learn how to work and play nice with each other or the whole lot of you need to go.  We have too much at stake here and there is too much work to be done.  This political posturing needs to stop.  How convenient Mrs. Pargeon is up for re-election and now all of a sudden this issue develops.

I voted for you Ms. Harris but honestly I am starting to wish I could take my vote back.  I am NOT liking what you have brought to the table thus far. If this is any indication of future behavior that we can expect from you, I will vote for someone else when you come up for relection.

Two thumbs down for this childish behavior!!!  Nice black eye for Pottstown!