Donovan McNabb Traded

Chunky Soup will be leaving the Philadelphia Eagles and joining the Washington Redskins.  Hopefully we can move forward and maybe win something now.  11 years is a long time and a change is needed for the Eagles to win a Super Bowl.  It wasn’t gonna happen with McNabb as QB.

Eagles Win Over Broncos With Last Minute Akers Kick

Thank you David Akers.  For some reason the Eagles decided they didn’t have to work much in the second half of the game and blew a 17 point lead in minutes.  Finally the game was tied at 27-27 and McNabb threw one hell of a pass which was originally called incomplete.  Reid wisely challenged which gave the Eagles field position for a field goal in the last 7 seconds of the game.

Whew!  My poor heart can’t take it some weeks!