Stars May Align With Rock Lititz

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stargazing might be on the rise in Lititz after all.

The developers of Rock Lititz Studio made clear from the start that the mammoth rehearsal facility under construction in Warwick Township is designed for technical crews, not performers themselves.

But the company is acknowledging that performers might also pop in for a day or two at some point in the tour-preparation process.

Which means the likes of Bono, Madonna and others might someday walk the streets of Lititz — or at least whiz by in a limo.

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Material Girl Faces Eviction From Her Condo. Neighbors File Lawsuit!

Madonna has rubbed her new neighbors the wrong way it seems.  Internet sources claim that Her Madjesty’s Central Park West neighbors have filed suit against her for turning her apartment into a rehearsal space.  Evidently for three hours a days loud music blairs from her apartment complete with stomping and wall shaking.

Guess people in that neighborhood are accustomed to a different sort of party…  probably classical music, champagne and canapes.  Not Dance Party USA.

File under we are not amused!