Pottstown Carousel Of Flavor Big Hit, Large Crowd

Yesterday’s Ninth Annual Carousel of Flavor in Pottstown was a smashing success.  The very large crowd was happily eating, listening to live music and people were catching up with old friends they kept running into.  The weather, in the upper sixties, was perfect to work up an appetite.

Pottstown needs to do a large downtown event at least six times a year to draw people into the borough.  If there is something worthwhile going on, people will show up; as evidenced by the thousands who came out yesterday to enjoy themselves.

We were happy to see former Pottstown Borough Manager Jason Bobst in attendance.  Jason looked well-rested and refreshed as he greeted the many people who were clearly glad to see him.  Evidently his new job is agreeing with him!  We think that showed a great deal of character for Jason to show up and support Pottstown.  How many borough councilors were there yesterday?  I didn’t see any.  I only saw the mayor.

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard to make yesterday’s event a huge success!

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There’s A New Pottstown Area Chat Room/Forum

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a new player in town for Pottstown area residents who have something to say or would like to discuss Pottstown area issues with other residents or even nonresidents.

http://pottstalk.com/index.php is a chat room/forum with categories like General, Announcements, Local Politics, Schools, Housing, Revitalization, Reviews, Buy/Sell/Trade and more.

You just need to create an account and start talking. 

You are allowed to be anonymous.

Hopefully this will be more productive than Sound Off 🙂

Code Blue Takes To The Blogsphere

Welcome to our friends at Code Blue as they have taken to the internet with their own blog.

I think you will enjoy reading their take on things as well as other voices here in Pottstown.  We can all discuss the same topic with different points of view.  Life is more interesting if it is not all vanilla.  I like more than one flavor!

http://codebluepulse.blogspot.com/ is their link and I have added them to my Blogroll for your convenience and future reference.  Feel free to stop by and check them out often along with Pottstown’s Blog and SavePottstown!

Power to the Pottstown people!  One town, one voice, one vision!