Man Admits Robbing, Beating Three Elderly Mennonite Women; Charge Of Ethnic Intimidation Dropped

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dereck Taylor Holt, well-spoken, polite and intelligent, pleaded guilty this morning to what he called “utterly loathsome actions” at the home of three elderly sisters in December.

Holt quoted C.S. Lewis, apologized to the victims and blamed prescription drugs for warping his mind during an elegant 5-minute statement before Lancaster County President Judge Joseph Madenspacher.

“I’m not a heartless being.  I’m not an empty carcass incapable of contributing to society,” Holt, 24, told the judge.  “But I can’t defend these actions.

“This was the culmination of a long, two-year addiction to substances.  These actions wouldn’t have happened without my alarming abuse of mind-altering prescription medication.”

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