Kate Gosselin’s Plan B

Seems like Kate isn’t so sure that her 15 minutes of fame will last much longer!!  I hope not.  Kate filed to renew her nursing license this week.  She was an RN at Reading Hospital before she got famous.  Good grief! 

Hoping these two slither back into obscurity soon!

Jon And Kate – Two People I Hate

OMG and WTF is up with these two??  Can somebody make them go away and take Miley Cyrus along while you are at it!!!!  The three most annoying people on the friggin’ planet and possibly the entire galaxy. 

Throw in King Spencer Pratt and his lovely wife Heidi I love Jesus but pose for Playboy Montag and we can have a party.  I say put them all in the same rocket and aim it at the sun. 

Ryan Seacrest is right… I think we should not only tase Heidi but the whole damn lot of these celebutards.