Mazurie Steps Down As Spring Township Manager

Editor’s note:  Interesting that this 18 square mile township of 27,000 people and 90 employees found a manager for $87,000.  The new guy is starting at less money that than retiring manager’s salary.  Guess the Spring Township supervisors don’t operate like Pottstown Borough Council and GROSSLY overpay their employees.

Thirty-six years ago, Leon W. Mazurie II came up with a clever plan to nab the job as Spring Township’s first parks and recreation director.

He vowed to find the money to pay the $9,500 starting salary.

Mazurie, then 24, called the township municipal office after reading an article stating that supervisors might start a parks and recreation department.  He was a part-time community director for Reading’s Keffer Park at the time.

“I told the township I would assist them in finding federal money to pay for the director’s salary,” said Mazurie, now 60.  “I guess deep down I was hoping I would be selected.

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