Glodzik Owes $519K In Taxes

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Luzerne County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Luzerne County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WILKES-BARRE — On top of criminal charges and an upcoming deposition in a federal court case, add unpaid taxes to the list of problems facing Leo A. Glodzik III.

The state Thursday filed a $519,204 lien against Glodzik, saying he has not paid taxes on his personal income since 2006.

He owes $371,603 in taxes plus $147,565 in penalties and interest and the $36 filing fee paid by the state, according to the lien.  The next highest amount owed in the county was $336,066 by Super Luxury Tours Inc. of Wilkes-Barre, according to the state.

Glodzik declined comment Friday when reached by phone.

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Attorney: Ex-Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper To Plead Guilty

A map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with its nei...

A map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with its neighborhoods labeled. For use primarily in the list of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper intends to plead guilty after a grand jury returned an indictment against him Friday charging him with conspiracy and tax evasion, his attorney said.

Robert Del Greco Jr. said the evidence against Mr. Harper was “unambiguous.”  He said Mr. Harper would plead guilty to all five counts contained in the indictment without modification.

“It’s a felony,” Mr. Del Greco said this afternoon.  “It’s cost him his career, possibly his pension.  I don’t know that I could put it any better.”

He said his client’s actions were indefensible, that the “lure of the account” proved an “irresistible temptation.”

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