Chef Appeal: Pittsburgh’s Growing Restaurant Scene Attracts Staff From Bigger Cities

Pittsburgh‘s up-and-coming dining scene not only is starting to generate buzz among locals, it’s also becoming known as a good place to build a career.

Indeed, the city’s new outcrop of restaurants is one of the industries — in addition to technology, health care, engineering and education — that’s drawing young people to Pittsburgh.

“The chef who wants to make a break for it has a paved path in Pittsburgh,” said Brandon Baltzley, 28, the Chicago-based firebrand chef who has spent the past year here working as a cook in restaurants and staging pop-up dinners.

“Easy living, affordable everything and a burgeoning food scene: This is an area that will soon get attention on a national level.”

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Methacton Throws Lunch Ladies Under The Bus

Aramark Tower in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Th...

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Methacton School District has replaced the entire cafeteria staff with Philadelphia-based food service giant Aramark.  42 workers and managers have lost their jobs.

Aramark has agree to offer comparable service and cut high school lunch prices by $1.00.  Aramark has also agreed to give consideration to furloughed workers for comparable jobs, but rehire is not guaranteed.

Food service is expected to be a break-even operation but has lost money for the last five years.  About $1 million dollars according to Superintendent Timothy Quinn.

Time will tell if this was the right decision.  Aramark’s contract is for one year.