Republicans Fare Well In Elections

Many people are analyzing the election results in various ways.  Some are saying it is Obama backlash, some as saying it was time for change in their corner of the world and so on and so forth.  For whatever reason(s) there were some major shake-ups yesterday.

New Jersey governor Jon Corzine (D) was defeated by Chris Christie (R) and Virginia governor Creigh Deeds (D) was defeated by Bob McDonnell (R). 

Closer to home, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was returned to a 4-3 Republican majority with Joan Orie Melvin’s victory over Jack Panella.  One experienced state court watcher said he doesn’t see this change moving the court away from being ideologically centrist.

That being said there were plenty of Democrats who won races as well.  The mayoral race in Harrisburg made history yesterday when the first African-American female became the mayor of our state capital.  After 28 years as Harrisburg Mayor, Stephen Reed was defeated in the Democratic primary.  City Council President, Linda Thompson (D) defeated Nevin Mindlin (R) to make history.

In Pennsylvania’s second largest city, Pittsburgh Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl (D) was re-elected.  Ravenstahl, who is only 29 years old, inherited the job in 2006 after then Mayor Bob O’Connor died in office.  He won an election in 2007 to complete O’Connor’s term.

Bill Owens (D) defeated Doug Hoffman (R) in the 23rd Congressional District in New York state.  The race has drawn national attention.  This district is a GOP stronghold and Republians haven’t lost in the region for over a century!  While some are viewing this race as a referendum on Obama, others are viewing this election as local people voting for the candidtate who will best represent their interests in Washington.