Eagles Embarrass Giants At Meadowlands

The Philadelphia Eagles gutted out a win yesterday over the rival New York Giants in the Meadowlands, coming from behind 24-3 at halftime to beat the Giants 38-31.  The Eagles scored 28 points in the fourth quarter.  The Eagles are now 10-4 for the season and lead the NFC East!

By comparison, former Eagle QB Donovan McNabb and his Redskins are 5 – 9 which is probably where the Eagles would be this season had he not been traded!

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McNabb Trade Rumors

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the St. Louis Rams have made the Eagles an offer for “Chunky Soup” McNabb.  The St. Louis Rams are stating this is totally false information.

Andy “I take full responsibility” Reid has made comments that the Eagles have received trade offers for all three QB’s.

What to do, what to do.  Any takers for Andy Reid while we’re at it??

Eagles Dump Westbrook

Brian Westbrook will be cut from the Philadelphia Eagles effective March 5th.  That certainly sucks.  If we are cutting people based on performance….I can think of others would should go before Westbrook.

Of course, Andy Reid is still backing Donovan McNabb so look for number 5 to return this fall.  Another season of excuses and crushed dreams for the fans.  Until the Eagles dump Andy Reid a Super Bowl win will continue to elude us!

Season Ends For The Philadelphia Eagles

Hopefully between now as next season, somebody will do some serious thinking about what’s not working here and make some changes.

Again, the Eagles were pounded by the Cowgirls and it was painful.

Chunky Soup needs to be replaced along with Andy Reid.  11 years is long enough and we just can’t seem to get it done.  Donovan thinks this was the second best season in his 11 years.  Well Donovan, I hate to disagree with you but you didn’t even win the NFC East and lost in the first round of the playoffs.  You lost games you should not have and squeeked by on games that should have been easy victories.  I see nothing to be very proud of.

Hoping something changes before next season!

Eagles Win Over Broncos With Last Minute Akers Kick

Thank you David Akers.  For some reason the Eagles decided they didn’t have to work much in the second half of the game and blew a 17 point lead in minutes.  Finally the game was tied at 27-27 and McNabb threw one hell of a pass which was originally called incomplete.  Reid wisely challenged which gave the Eagles field position for a field goal in the last 7 seconds of the game.

Whew!  My poor heart can’t take it some weeks!

Eagles Beat Falcons 34-7 In One-Sided Game

The Atlanta Falcons were no match for the Philadelphia Eagles today.  The Falcons finally scored at the very end of the game.  Kinda felt like that was a gimme.  Otherwise it would have been a total shut-out.

Michael Vick received alot of support in Atlanta.  Many people cheered and held up signs in support.  Vicki got his first NFL touchdown since returning.  Donovan got a break and stood on the sidelines.

I must say I am impressed at the amount of support Donovan McNabb is giving Michael Vick.  Looks like he is happy to share the limelight with Vick and was gave Michael a big hug after he threw the scoring pass. 

Might we see a changing of the guard here?  Time will tell.

Eagles Come Alive In Snooze-Fest With Redskins In 4th Qtr

What should have been a slam dunk of a game was an eeked out victory when the Eagles decided to finally show up and play the last half of the 4th quarter.  Some tougher competition coming up so people better start playing 100% from the opening kickoff.  What’s with the onside kicks????  Geeze Louise!  Weird decisions.

Eagles 27 – Skins 24

Eagles Lose to Cowboys 20-16

What a crappy game!!! OMG between penalties, recalled touchdowns, weird coaching decisions, bad luck etc… it was a train wreck!

The constant stopping for penalities throws off the momentum.  It was so hard to watch. 

I hope the Cowboys aren’t celebrating that victory too much… it was more of a gift. 

Andy and Donovan better get it together to go on the road along with the rest of the team.

Birds Are 15 Point Favorites Over The Bucs

This makes me nervous. 

McNabb is not 100%, wearing a protective jacket and still having discomfort.  No duh!  But yet even though he probably isn’t ready…Andy Reid will let him start, as usual!

What’s wrong with this picture???  Can you see a stinkin’ in the Linkin’ a brewin’ here folks?  I hope I am wrong but between Donovan needing more time off to heal and people getting cockey being 15 point favorites this is a recipe for disaster.

The good news is that I am reviewing Dracula at the Tri-PAC at 3:00.  If this game goes south I will be spared the second half.

Go Eagles!!!!!