Boyertown Landmark Pharmacy Bauses Closes

Editor’s note:  This is why buying local is important.  Very sad!

BOYERTOWN, PA– A fixture in the Boyertown community for 77 years, Bause’s Super Drug Store abruptly closed its doors for good Monday.

Bauses’s issued a joint announcement with CVS on Tuesday stating that effective immediately CVS had purchased Bause’s pharmacy business and transferred all prescriptions to the CVS/pharmacy at 801 E. Philadelphia Ave., less than a mile from the now-closed Bause’s Super Drug Store, 42 E. Philadelphia Ave.

Bause’s owner Jane (Mellott) Beauchamp said “every single full-time employee” of Bause’s was hired by CVS in Boyertown. She noted that these employees were hired on their own merit “as well as the fact that they were part of the BSDS team.”

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THRIVE LOCAL Presents Boyertown Holiday Shopping Event

Saturday, December 10, 2011  –  10:30am until 1:30pm  –  Boyertown, PA
Please join us as we kick off our first local event! We will meet at Frecon’s Hard Bean at 10:30am on December 10th. Here you will receive information on local merchants and a tag to wear which identifies you with THRIVE. From here you are free to support local busines…ses as you shop for the holidays. Solo, or with others, stroll Boyertown‘s Main Street area and do your part to help restore the American Dream!

A reception will be held at Clayote from 1-2:30pm where shoppers can relax, nourish and imbibe.

Event facilitators will be available at the Hard Bean until 11:30am.

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