Season Ends For The Philadelphia Eagles

Hopefully between now as next season, somebody will do some serious thinking about what’s not working here and make some changes.

Again, the Eagles were pounded by the Cowgirls and it was painful.

Chunky Soup needs to be replaced along with Andy Reid.  11 years is long enough and we just can’t seem to get it done.  Donovan thinks this was the second best season in his 11 years.  Well Donovan, I hate to disagree with you but you didn’t even win the NFC East and lost in the first round of the playoffs.  You lost games you should not have and squeeked by on games that should have been easy victories.  I see nothing to be very proud of.

Hoping something changes before next season!

Eagles Lose to Cowboys 20-16

What a crappy game!!! OMG between penalties, recalled touchdowns, weird coaching decisions, bad luck etc… it was a train wreck!

The constant stopping for penalities throws off the momentum.  It was so hard to watch. 

I hope the Cowboys aren’t celebrating that victory too much… it was more of a gift. 

Andy and Donovan better get it together to go on the road along with the rest of the team.