Crews Prepare Berks County Courthouse, Services Center For Renovations

English: Downtown Reading, Pennsylvania; with ...

English: Downtown Reading, Pennsylvania; with Berks County courthouse on left; July 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The crew of five men put one piece of pipe after another into fittings on other pipes, building a framework of heavy duty steel on a parapet 19 stories above ground level.

They have been working on it since Monday. By the end of next week, steel I-beams will be attached securely to the framework, known as swing-stage scaffolding.  The I-beams will jut horizontally from the very top of the Berks County Courthouse.

Soon afterward workers will begin descending in baskets attached to the I-beams to give the building a $6.9 million face-lift.

The courthouse was completed in 1932. Parts of the exterior were refurbished in the 1970s and in 1992.  But this is believed to be the first total overhaul of the building’s skin.

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Luzerne County Courthouse Getting Extreme Makeover

The Luzerne County Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre is a large and visually stunning building.  The courthouse was constructed a century ago and is in need of some work; $5.2 million worth of work, to be exact.  However, don’t expect anyone to yell “move that bus” when the job is done!

Stairs are being removed for a new support system to be installed, the waterproof coating is being replaced which entails scrapping off ALL the old coating first, exterior stone is being cleaned, repaired and repointing and the five domes will be repainted a new color.  Historians believe gray was the original color of the domes when the courthouse was constructed.

New flashing is being installed and the building’s stained glass windows are being removed, cleaned and releaded.  The old window frames are being replaced because they are rotting.

The original date for completion was October, but with all the rain we had this spring that date will most likely be pushed back.

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Plans For $27 Million Federal Courthouse In Lancaster Scrapped

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Plans to build a $27 federal courthouse in Lancaster have been scrapped due to budget constraints in Washington.  The General Services Administration owns land and was until recently seeking potential designers for the project.

The decision means that Lancaster County residents, law enforcement professionals, prosecutors and bankruptcy litigants will continue to travel to Reading or Philadelphia for federal cases.  The project could still be reinstated if the economy improves.

Plans to build a new federal courthouse in Midtown Harrisburg are still moving forward.   Construction could start as early as 2013 to replace the Ronald Regan Federal Building and Courthouse which was determined to no longer meet security and space requirements.