Columbia Pennsylvania, Rollin’ On The Susquehanna With Riverfront Development

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The borough of Columbia sits on the Susquehanna River on the border of Lancaster and York Counties.  Columbia, albeit smaller, is similar to Pottstown in many ways.  Read how Columbia has redeveloped their riverfront and received a Governor’s Award for Excellence!  (Editor’s note:  I don’t see any low-income riverfront housing mentioned in this article as a path to redevelopment.  Just sayin….)

Very Cool Promotional Website Example

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Check this out!  It is a very well done website promoting the iron heritage of three communities on the Susquehanna River.   

I lived in Lancaster and never realized that Columbia, Marietta and Wrightsville were former iron producing centers.  Pottstown certainly has a long, rich heritage of iron and steel production going back to John Potts.  If we are looking for things to capitalize on to make Pottstown a “destination” like Bethlehem is for Musikfest this would certainly be something to promote, would it not?   

Click on the link below to view the website.  Under Features is the information on the iron furnaces but the site is a good example on how to capitalize on something!