Corbett Brings In Fresh Advisers

HARRISBURG – Gov. Tom Corbett may not be changing his message as he shifts into re-election mode, but for the first time in his nearly three-year tenure he’s bringing in new messengers.

The Republican has appointed a new chief of staff and a new communications director – both seasoned political operatives who worked for Gov. Tom Ridge – and plans to name a press secretary in an apparent effort to bolster his relationship with the news media.

The shake-up comes on the heels of a legislative session that failed to yield a single victory among Corbett’s top three initiatives – transportation funding, liquor privatization and changes to the public pension system – and polls that show his public support sagging.

Among the outsiders watching all of this closely are the former press secretaries to the governors who preceded Corbett.  And they have some strong opinions about how the incumbent deals with the media and the public.

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Fast Eddie Seeks White House Chief of Staff Job

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel looks ...

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More proof that Fast Eddie is losin’ it!  IMHO you suck as governor so why would anyone give you a position of greater importance that would allow you to do more damage on a larger scale.  Nice subtle hint by the way!

You’re right Ed, talk of you replacing Rahm Emmanuel as chief of staff is ludicrous”.

Made me bang my head on the computer desk over this one!