Cherry Hill Proposes New Regulations On Abandoned Houses

Census Bureau map of Cherry Hill Township, New...

Census Bureau map of Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever John Aponik cuts the grass, bits of blue tarp get caught in the blades of his lawn mower.

Around Christmas, “it gets in all the wreaths,” Aponik said of the tarp that has been shredding off the house next door to his on Glen Lane in Cherry Hill, where a renovation project was abandoned four years ago.

No one has lived in the house since then, Aponik said, although it isn’t exactly vacant. “Raccoons, possums – cats were breeding out there,” Aponik said, who has set traps lent to him by a neighbor.

He’s also written letters to the mayor’s office and repeatedly called a contractor employed by mortgage companies, but the problems remain: The township doesn’t own the property.

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This Is Just Pathetic!

A 72-year-old Cherry Hill, NJ grandmother is in the Camden County jail on three counts of conspiracy and $300,000.00 bail.  Evidently Mom-Mom tried to unknowingly hire an undercover police officer to “inflict serious bodily injury” on her ex-husband, son and daughter.  The neighbors were not surprised and said this situation has been brewing for 30 years.  Police also have a large file on Mom-Mom (say it ain’t so Joe).

Nothing said lovin’ like puttin’ out a contract for a beat-down on your children and ex-husband. 

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!