Today’s Pottstown Mercury Readers View

I was pleased to see a nice thank you letter in the Mercury today.  Courtney Sell was the recipient of a college scholarship from the now defunct Century Club of Pottstown.  It is gratifying to see young people who were taught to say please and thank you.  Courtney’s letter showed true appreciation.

The loss of service organizations are devastating to the communities they served.  Four less college scholarships will be awarded next year because the Century Club is now only a memory.   The loss of these scholarships could mean four less Pottstown students attend college next year or place a further burden on the student and their family to find other financial aid.


The Sun Sets On Pottstown’s Century Club

I read, with great sadness, a letter to the Editor from Nancy Dolan the other day.  Nancy is a past president of the Pottstown Century Club.  After 113 years, the club has called it quits.

There are several reasons this is sad: 

  1. The club lasted 113 years!
  2. In this day and age there aren’t enough interested people to sustain a service organization.
  3. At the present time, the need is great for an organization like this. 

Reading the list of accomplishments and the number of organizations the Century Club has contributed to, in and around Pottstown, was impressive to say the least.  These ladies raised a lot of money during the club’s tenure and that money was used for worthy causes.  Money was raised for everything from books to trees, war bonds, property, furniture, musical instruments, scholarships and a host of charities as long as your arm!

The group’s final act of benevolence was to give all their remaining money to the Pottstown Public Library.  This sum was $8,000.00!  I am sure the library can use this money due to the funding cutbacks that libraries are experiencing in this economy.

Sadly, now Pottstown has one less advocate for all things good.

We commend the Century Club for their many years of selfless service to our community!