Pottstown Blogger Calls It Quits

We here at Roy’s Rants would like to bid a fond farewell to Mo Gallant and her Pottstown’s Blog.  Mo has decided to throw in the towel, at least for now.  We thank you Mo for your commitment to Pottstown and your friendship over the last several years.  We wish you nothing but good things and hope maybe someday you’ll take up the torch again.

Adieu mon amie

A Nutter Idea…Think Dumber Than The Soda Tax

Michael Nutter

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Our favorite mayor, Michael Nutter, has come up with another ludicrous idea on how to rip-off Philadelphians to fill city coffers.   See link below for more details. 


TWO HUGE THUMBS DOWN for this lame-brained scheme.    

Forbes Magazine Top Web Celeb 25 List

This is a great list if you are interested in learning more about the internet, social media/marketing, tech stuff, finance, gossip, entertainment etc….  These are people who are not necessarily well known to many people but are making a big name for themselves and $$$ using the internet:

  1. Perez Hilton – perezhilton.com
  2. Michael Arrington – techcrunch.com
  3. Pete Cashmore – mashable.com
  4. Evan Williams & Biz Stone – twitter.com
  5. Kevin Rose – digg.com
  6. Guy Kawasaki – guykawaski.com
  7. Heather “Dooce” Armstrong – dooce.com
  8. Tila “Tequila” Nguyen – tilashotspot.buzznet.com
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk – garyvaynerchuk.com

10.  Corey Doctorow – carphound.com

11.  Om Malik – gigaom.com

12.  Leo Laporte – leoville.com

13.  Frank Warren – postsecret.blogsport.com

14.  Robert Scoble – scobleizer.com

15.  Chris Brogan – chrisbrogan.com

16.  Wil Wheaton – wilwheaton.typepad.com

17.  Matt Drudge – drudgereport.com

18.  Danny Sullivan – daggle.com

19.  Jeff Jarvis – buzzmachine.com

20.  John Dvorak – channeldvorak.com

21.  Ana Marie Cox – anamariecox.typepad.com

22.  Ree Drummond – thepioneerwoman.com

23.  Jason Calacanis – calacanis.com & mahalo.com (search engine)

24.  Seth Godin – sethgodin.com

25.  Shane Dawson – shanedawsontv.com