Lancaster Is Google’s 2014 eCity For Pennsylvania

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Lancaster County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note:  Just another reason to love Lancaster 🙂

Lancaster is known for its local foods and crafts, and in recent years, those traditional products have begun to be offered in a new way: online.

The Lancaster community on Thursday was recognized for taking business into the digital world.

It was named the “digital capital” of Pennsylvania and recipient of Google’s eCity designation.

For the second year, the internet search giant has recognized a community in each of the 50 states. Last year, Exton, in neighboring Chester County received the award.

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The Sanatoga Post Will Cease Publication Saturday

Editor’s note: We wish our friend and fellow journalist Joe Zlomek a fond farewell as he turns the page and begins a new chapter in his life.  Joe has been a friend to us and was very encouraging when we first started out back in 2009.  We always appreciated his assistance.  Joe is an excellent journalist and we benefited from his gracious kindness over the years.  Good luck with your new endeavor!

SANATOGA, PA – Although it was founded in August 2008, the adventure that has been The Sanatoga Post really began a month later, on Sept. 23 of that year, when I arrived at a Pottsgrove Board of School Directors’ meeting for what was then the start of discussions about reconstruction of Ringing Rocks Elementary School.

It was the first “government” meeting I covered in the managing editor persona of this fledgling online news service. The meeting itself was poorly attended except for board members, Pottsgrove School District officials, and representatives of Gilbert Architects there to talk about their dream design for Ringing.

I presented a business card to then district Solicitor Kyle Berman and explained my intention to report on the proceedings. Berman, in turn, handed the card to former Superintendent Dr. Bradley Landis, who eyed me with some suspicion. I wrote a story and published the next day. The Post was off and running.

It seems fitting, then, that Tuesday’s (March 11, 2014) Pottsgrove school board meeting also is the last I anticipate covering.

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A Healthy Living Blog For People Who Are Gluten Free


Living a gluten free life and enjoying it!

I met the GF Flamingo blogger at iCreate Cafe in Pottstown over the weekend.  She and her boyfriend were enjoying a fabulous meal and soaking in the awesome vibe that is iCreate Cafe.  As one does at iCreate, we all had a great conversation and got to know each other better.

I know gluten is a great mystery to some folks, others think it’s “all in someone’s head” and other have gluten allergies and need to restrict their diet.  I have a good friend who has been gluten free for over 20 years so I have learned a few things about being gluten free, although I am certainly no expert. However, the owner of this blog, NICOLE FIAMINGO, is someone who can help those living a gluten free lifestyle.

What I do know is that eating out is difficult, finding gluten free food that tastes good is hard (and usually expensive) and finding someone who understands you is even harder.

GF Flamingo does restaurant reviews (with great food pictures), talks about living gluten free and offers readers helpful information like meals you can make in under 30 minutes at home. So check out this blog if you are gluten free by choice or out of necessity.  Happy reading!


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There’s A New Pottstown Area Chat Room/Forum

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a new player in town for Pottstown area residents who have something to say or would like to discuss Pottstown area issues with other residents or even nonresidents. is a chat room/forum with categories like General, Announcements, Local Politics, Schools, Housing, Revitalization, Reviews, Buy/Sell/Trade and more.

You just need to create an account and start talking. 

You are allowed to be anonymous.

Hopefully this will be more productive than Sound Off 🙂

SavePottstown! Goes On Semi-Permanent Hiatus

I was totally taken off guard!  But on the other hand, as one who also has a blog, I can say the time committment is HUGE.  SavePottstown! feels they have successfully completed the goals they set for themselves when they created the website.  They will post from time to time, but not regularly.

I say well done good and faithful servant(s).  I will shed a cyber tear and miss your comradery very much.  I have enjoyed fighting the good fight to save Pottstown as an ally.

Roy’s Rants salutes SavePottstown! and thanks them for their time, hard work and incredible effort in the struggle to make Pottstown all it can be.


Code Blue Takes To The Blogsphere

Welcome to our friends at Code Blue as they have taken to the internet with their own blog.

I think you will enjoy reading their take on things as well as other voices here in Pottstown.  We can all discuss the same topic with different points of view.  Life is more interesting if it is not all vanilla.  I like more than one flavor! is their link and I have added them to my Blogroll for your convenience and future reference.  Feel free to stop by and check them out often along with Pottstown’s Blog and SavePottstown!

Power to the Pottstown people!  One town, one voice, one vision!

Blog Looking For Contributors!!!! Check This Out! Calling all writers, photographers, etc. Mixture of Sorts is currently looking for anyone who wants to contribute to the site. All works accepted will be published with your name. Photos, Stories, Reviews, etc. All Interested should respond on this board or email