Colbert To Replace Letterman As “Late Show” Host

NEW YORK — Stephen Colbert — the supremely gifted host of “The Colbert Report” who has made a career of satirically channeling Bill O’Reilly — has been named host of “The Late Show.” He will replace David Letterman when the latter retires next year, probably in May.

Letterman said in a statement, “Stephen has always been a real friend to me. I’m very excited for him, and I’m flattered that CBS chose him. I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses.”

Colbert was expected. But this quick an announcement was not. Clearly CBS wanted to get the speculation behind it and begin laying the groundwork for the transition as as soon as possible.

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Sarah Palin Finds A Home At Fox News

I just watched a clip of Sarah Palin being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on The Factor.  Perez Hilton has a clip on his website of part of the interview, if you missed it.

I was impressed by her answers.  She was well spoken and confident.  It’s a shame that her detractors are so hateful.  You may not agree with her politics but calling her “dumb” seems inaccurate and unfair.  Just sayin…