Auto Zone Comes To Downtown Pottstown

It took a while but Auto Zone finally has a new store on High Street. The site was the former home of Creative Health, which was torn down so that Auto Zone could construct their new store. This new business makes an attractive addition to High Street!  Welcome to downtown Pottstown!

Nostalgia Night Tonight – Pottstown Classics Monthly Show On High Street

American Motors Corporation (AMC) 1970 Rebel t...

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Nostalgia Nights Car Show
Saturday July 2, 2011
5-9 pm

Newer cars now welcome. Bring any year car or light truck !

Park anywhere!

Bring out those modern muscle cars, custom rides and more ! motorcycles.

E-mail us if you have any questions.

$ 10.00 Vehicle Entrance fee applies for all show vehicles . Spectators: FREE 

 This show…..Live Music featuring Hat TRixx

Bring the kids to see Rainbow The Clown!

Harley-Davidson To Stay In Wisconsin

Harley-Davidson got its way again.  Just as in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin offered Harley-Davidson millions in tax credit to stay in Wisconsin.  Workers there accepted the new contract, much the same as the one recently accepted in York.

Click on this link to read to Governor’s statement:

Harley-Davidson – Same “Stuff” Different State

Harley-Davidson is at it again, only this time the focus is on Wisconsin not York!  Harley has decided their operation in WI is costing too much money so they are going to make the same contact offer they did in York.

You can read my post about the York contract here for details.  Sources are saying Harley intends to persuade their WI workers to accept this contract or they will close WI and move the work to York.

Here is as link to a Milwaukee newspaper with more information on the contact specifics there: