Street Signs To Identify Reading’s Centre Park Historic District

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may drive through Reading’s Centre Park Historic District and not even know it; no signs mark its boundaries.

That will soon change, thanks to district residents and others who are paying for the signs, and the city, which has agreed to chip in $8,000 in community development money to mount them.

“Centre Park Historic District a great place to call home” say the 18-square-inch signs with an arched top.

“We’ve been talking about it in some form or another for years, but the actual push to get something done began about three months ago,” said Michael Lauter, the district’s executive director.

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Reading Neighborhood Named Historic District

A 1947 topographic map of the Reading, Pennsyl...

A 1947 topographic map of the Reading, Pennsylvania area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After four years of work, it’s official: The Heights Conservation District in northeast Reading has been approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission as a historic district.

But one with a kinder, gentler set of rules that now can be implemented.

“It’s a very huge sense of accomplishment,” said Amy Johnson, the city’s historic preservation specialist who worked with the neighborhood organizing committee and the museum commission.

The district is composed of College Heights, Hampden Heights and the areas around them. It’s bounded by Oak Lane and Robeson, Rockland and 13th streets, and includes most of Hampden Park.

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