American Idol Season 9

Did you watch the show last night from Beantown?  What did you think?  Tonight we head to Atlanta. 

Some real weirdos last night and some excellent talent.  Looking forward to what tonight brings.  Victoria Beckham did a great job…loved her giving Simon a hard time, LOL!

Numbers just in….looks like almost 30 million viewers tuned in last night.  Guess we’ll see if this is sustainable.  Ellen isn’t even on yet so that’s pretty good.  Idol is still numero uno!

Ellen DeGeneres Replacing Paula Abdul On American Idol!!!!!!

How weird. Ellen announced on her talk show that she will be replacing Paula Abdul as the 4th judge on American Idol. It’s a singing competition people! She’s a stand up comic and a talk show host. Not sure how that translates into a judge for a singing competition.

Aren’t there any more qualified people out there????? Nothing against Ellen but for cryin’ out loud!