Doorstep Dairy Revives Lost Service With Home Deliveries Of Milk, Other Staples

Nostalgia knocks on Margie Haile’s door every Wednesday night.

That’s the evening the Wyomissing Park mother gets a delivery from Doorstep Dairy.

“It’s modern convenience meets something old-fashioned,” she said of the service that brings milk, eggs and more to her porch, “and my kids love the taste of the milk.”

Doorstep Dairy is the brainchild of Daryl Mast.

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Young Dauphin County Farmes Strike Gold With Sunflowers

Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota.

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This is today’s feel good story.  It’s a pleasure to report on something positive happening to farmers in our state.  Pennsylvania is still an agricultural powerhouse but farmers have it tough these days.

Two young brothers (Joshua and Nathan Crissinger) own a dairy farm in Dauphin County.  In 2009 they scattered a bag of birdseed on an empty field to see what would grown.  Sunflowers grew and ended up being sold for birdseed, which netted the two young men some extra money.  This launched a whole new business for the duo but not the one you would think.

Last year, the brothers decided to plant sunflowers as a cash crop to convert into birdseed once again.  Another fortunate event happened.  The owner of a gigantic greenhouse complex in McAdoo made a business proposition to the brothers to buy their sunflowers.  Not for birdseed but to sell as fresh-cut flowers.

Last year the brothers sold 17,000 fresh-cut sunflowers to the greenhouse in McAdoo.

This year Josh and Nathan planted 1.5 million sunflowers to be harvested and sold to the McAdoo greenhouse as fresh-cut flowers.  Last year’s total harvest is now being shipped daily from the farm!

The feel good ending to the story is that Josh and his fiancée are to be married, in a gazebo surrounded by four acres of his sunflowers, in September!