Site Rules

A recent event has made it necessary to clarify a few simple rules when posting comments.

1.  This is a family friendly site (PG).

2.  We will not tolerate profanity laced comments.  No f bombs, no female dogs, no gutter talk, no personal attacks etc…  We all have strong opinions and you are free to voice your opinions in a constructive and meaningful way.  The English language is vast and there are many words to choose from without resorting to words found on George Carlin‘s infamous list.

By personal attacks we mean race, color, creed, sexual orientation, mental health status, unsubstantiated rumors, gossip, hate speech or cyber bullying.

3.  We reserve the right to not post or edit comments we feel violate our standards.  That has only happened two or three times since this site went live; which is pretty awesome considering there are more than 1,850 posted comments.

4.  If you aren’t sure about something then it’s probably not okay.  Would you say it in front of your mother, a teacher or your clergyperson?  If not, don’t post it.

5.  All comments are moderated.



One comment on “Site Rules

  1. I visited the Tom Bostelle retrospective at West Chester U’s E O Bull ctr on the 9/9/12 opening. It was an amazing show with works covering 60+ years of painting and sculpture. It’s not to be missed if you want to see another kind of Brandywine art which is unique to this artist.

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