What States Are You Most Likely To Hit A Deer While Driving Your Car

Where are you most likely to hit a deer while driving along, minding you own business:

#1 – West Virginia

#2 – Pennsylvania.  Your risk level is HIGH, 1/71.  We are the 42nd most expensive state for car insurance.  State Farm, Erie and Allstate are the top three providers.  Frankly, I was surprised it wasn’t number ONE!

To read the article and see the top 20, click here –


One comment on “What States Are You Most Likely To Hit A Deer While Driving Your Car

  1. I am not surprised by this ranking. I believe my total kill so far is around 10 in my 30 plus years of driving. My best hit was in January of 2011 when I blasted two deer on westbound route 422 in Portersville heading to New Castle. My vehicle at the time was a Dodge minivan. It was still driveable with Bambi guts on the front grille. Pennsylvania really should be number one on this list.

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