Technical Issues Could Delay Mt. Lebanon Deer Cull

The cull of 150 white-tailed deer in Mt. Lebanon, scheduled to start tonight, might be delayed for technical reasons.

Brian Benner of Wildlife Specialists in Wellsboro, Tioga County, said Sunday that some necessary equipment wasn’t in place.

The company also plans to request an addendum to its Pennsylvania Game Commission permit, he said, expanding the number of workers it may use during the operation.

“I’m not sure if we’ll start Monday or not. It depends on how much equipment we can set up,” Mr. Benner said. “We still have to set up some cameras and different technology that lets us know where the deer are.”

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One comment on “Technical Issues Could Delay Mt. Lebanon Deer Cull

  1. Local people have put together a lot more information than the media.

    Pictures, maps, and details behind the group and politicians pushing this.

    Bowhunting and other options were pushed aside. The use of corrals for night shooting has never been done before by the $75000 experts, who conveniently also did the $12000 study recommending themselves.

    Pennsylvania politics on display.

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