Drug Ring Out Of Pottstown’s Bright Hope Knocked Out

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Montgomery County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Montgomery County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NORRISTOWN — Juvenile burglars who tipped off police on the alleged drug runners they robbed led to the complete shutdown of a drug ring which once operated out of Bright Hope Village in Pottstown and had been investigated for more than a year.

Five people were arrested for allegedly trafficking heroin, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine in both Montgomery and Philadelphia counties since at least 2013, according to a release from Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele.

Edward Tillman was arrested and accused of being the ring-leader. Anisha Harris, 31, Johnathan Jackson, 24, Melvin Hampton, 44, and Teresa Hiller, age not given, were all arrested and accused of being his associates in the organization.

Read more: http://www.pottsmerc.com/general-news/20140521/drug-ring-out-of-pottstowns-bright-hope-knocked-out

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3 comments on “Drug Ring Out Of Pottstown’s Bright Hope Knocked Out

  1. County Commissioner Bruce Castor, Feb. 2012 MontCo Commissioners “listening tour” in Pottstown said, in response to residents concerns about drug dealing and Section 8 voucher housing – I paraphrase: ‘I apologize for sitting on a chair through this discussion. *chuckle* I have a bad back from all those Pottstown Section 8 drug doors Drumheller and I have had to kick-in.’ *chuckle chuckle*

    My eyebrows shot up straight to the ceiling of that massive room at MCCC, on the heels of that comment, as I looked around to see if consternation was written on any other faces in the audience. His comment was never reported in the press but I have never forgotten his curt, dismissive gesture and a sense that it would come back to haunt him just like the drugs, crime and debauchery found in much of the subsidized housing in Pottstown haunts each and every one of us – daily.

  2. Oh, aren’t we the comedian. I hardly doubt he actually participates in drug raids. Secondly, since we turn a blind eye to crime and selectively enforce the law imagine how bad the crime stats really would be if everything was reported!!! Drumheller’s goal his first year was to reduce crime by a single digit percentage. That’s not a goal, it shifts more than that on its own….basically that goal was to DO NOTHING! We can’t make our overpaid predecessor look bad by aggressively putting the hammer down on crime. And we wonder why people walk away from their homes in Pottstown….well, not really…”keepin’ a lid on the powder keg” and woeful fiscal mismanagement has Pottstown rivaling Camden. Nice team effort.

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