Corbett: Coal Is Working

States and the energy industry should work together to improve carbon-capturing technology to save coal-burning power plants and coal-related jobs threatened by federal clean air regulations, Gov. Tom Corbett said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a coal industry conference at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Fayette County, the Shaler Republican joined a chorus of voices complaining that environmental regulations will push coal out as an electricity source.

“If you take one energy source out of the mix, you just know the cost of electricity will go up,” Corbett told about 100 people at the Nemacolin Energy Institute gathering.

He later announced he would work with Wyoming Gov. Matthew H. Mead and other coal-producing states on research and eventually build a joint testing center for affordable emission-control technology.

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One comment on “Corbett: Coal Is Working

  1. we seriuoulsy need to get rid of the EPA.
    Too much regulation on the federal level with the federal EPA.That power should be given to the states,and,not the federal government.I believe the states would do a better job with the EPA.I believe in taking care of our enviroment.I believe even more in energy independance.Fossil fuels are our best way to that energy independance and national security.”Green” energy is proven to be more expensive and not very reliable.Even “electric” cars need a fuel tank and a plug in to recharge with electric.That electric comes from mainly coal.
    So what we need more is : DRILL,BABY,DRILL!!

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