Lengthy Investigation Ahead In Wake Of Franklin Regional Knife Attack

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Map of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States Public School Districts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police anticipate a time-consuming investigation of the events leading to the stabbings of 21 students and a security guard at Franklin Regional Senior High School on Wednesday, Murrysville police chief Thomas Seefeld said this morning.

During a news conference at 6 a.m, outside the high school, Chief Seefeld, joined by Westmoreland County emergency management spokesman Dan Stevens and Franklin Regional schools Superintendent Gennaro Piraino, said all evidence had been removed from the corridor of the high school where the stabbings occurred.

“The crime scene has been processed and now witnesses and victims will be interviewed,” the chief said. “Our investigation will be lengthy.”

The chief, asked about the victims of the knife attack, said he had been told that one student had to be taken back to surgery about 1 a.m. today. He didn’t identify the person or the hospital where the person is being treated.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/westmoreland/2014/04/10/Lengthy-investigation-ahead-in-wake-of-Franklin-Regional-knife-attack/stories/201404100265#ixzz2yUmc4KXQ

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One comment on “Lengthy Investigation Ahead In Wake Of Franklin Regional Knife Attack

  1. I was under the impression that all schools now days have some sort of security.It is very disturbing that a 15 year old would do such a thing as this.Where did this kid learn to stab so many people? We need to take a look at what activities this kid was involved in.What type of video games does he play?What movies or TV shows does he watch?
    Where did he learn to do such a evil thing to so many innocent people?
    My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

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