Pennsylvania Turnpike To Raise Tolls In 2015

Pennsylvania Turnpike Ticket from the Warrenda...

Pennsylvania Turnpike Ticket from the Warrendale (30) Toll Stop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pennsylvania Turnpike drivers can expect another toll increase of at least 3 percent next January, and continuing annual increases for years to come, turnpike CEO Mark Compton said Thursday.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Airport Corridor Transportation Association, Mr. Compton said the state’s new transportation funding law has shortened, but not eliminated, the turnpike’s requirement to pay $450 million a year to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Instead of continuing to 2057, the required payments will end after 2022, he said. Toll increases are needed to underwrite the debt incurred by the turnpike in making those payments.

In the past, PennDOT has directed $200 million from each payment to non-turnpike highway projects and $250 million to mass transit. The new law directs all of the $450 million to transit.

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One comment on “Pennsylvania Turnpike To Raise Tolls In 2015

  1. The turnpike has increased tolls every year for the past several years.
    I don’t believe that the turnpike should be funding non-turnpike work.
    For mass transit,I thought the new gasoline tax was funding that and other road work other than the turnpike.So,what they are telling us is,those of us who use the turnpike gets screwed TWICE.Once from the new gas tax and higher turnpike tolls.
    I don’t know about you,I’d like to know the name of the people who are screwing me.
    Maybe the screwing will feel better if I know WHO is screwing me.

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