VIDEOS: Everything You Need To Know About The 2014 Grammys

Hope you’ve been stockpiling batteries and canned goods in your bomb shelter or basement because the Rise of the Machines is one step closer to reality after a couple-a robots won all the Grammys on Sunday night. French pop duo Daft Punk took home awards for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, AND Pop Duo/Group Performance for their summer release Random Access Memories and the smash single “Get Lucky.”

You were probably busy watching The Bachelor Wedding or gawking at the screen as Nick Foles won MVP of the Pro Bowl, so you might have missed music’s biggest night and the festivities that came with it. Just in case, here’s everything you need to know about the 2014 Grammys.

Beyoncé and Jay Z got things started with a performance that you’re probably going to want to watch. Queen Bey comes out to a stage full of smoke and strobes, slithering on a chair that spins. Then, when you’re properly hypnotized, she brings out Jay Z to offer up a crappy verse of rap. But, damn if they’re not well-dressed.


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One comment on “VIDEOS: Everything You Need To Know About The 2014 Grammys

  1. Is it just me,or,I maybe just getting older.
    The list of Grammy winners look like a list of illness that one would get while in a nursing home.
    I haven’t watched the Grammys since 1985.Most of the time,it is a popularity contest and not rewarding excellence in music.
    Sad part about this is I used to be a radio announcer here in Pittsburgh from 1989 to 2000.Sometimes,I don’t miss playing ‘popular” music.
    I’ll just go now and play my 80’s cds.

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