US Airways To Close Moon Flight Operations Center, Affecting 600 Jobs

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Built less than six years ago, a state-of-the-art flight operations control center in Moon will be closing and the work transferred to Texas, a casualty in the American Airlines-US Airways merger.

American Airlines announced Friday that it intends to consolidate flight operations in Dallas-Fort Worth over the next 18 months, costing the region a facility built specifically for the needs of US Airways and the 600 jobs that go with it.

“It’s pretty sad for the people that have been here for a long time,” said Danny Persuit, president of Transport Workers Union Local 545, which represents 164 employees at the center.

In a separate action, American also plans to transfer 53 mechanics out of Pittsburgh in what it said was an annual maintenance “rebalancing” unrelated to the merger.

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4 comments on “US Airways To Close Moon Flight Operations Center, Affecting 600 Jobs

  1. Haha – I read your headline and thought US Airways was working on moon flights! Gotta get my head out of the astronomy books…

  2. Just what we need here in the Pittsburgh area,losing 600 jobs.
    The US Air Flight Operations was tax-payer funded. Now,the airline is saying “screw you” to the Pittsburgh tax payer who funded this operation.
    I would like to thank the powers-that-be for screwing the people who made your sorry-ass rich.

    • This whole US Airways – American Airlines deal is big business run amok. I live in South Carolina and we lost our direct flights to Washington, DC because they had to give up a bunch of gates there.

      People here have been holding their breath waiting to see if Charlotte Airport is going to get the big heave-ho as a US Airways hub. They are saying no (for now), but as you know already – they can’t be trusted.

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